Draft 2018 Strategic Plan

Greyhound Racing New South Wales is delighted to announce the release of an initial draft of our three-year strategic plan, for public comment.

Under the Greyhound Racing Act 2017, GRNSW is required to prepare its initial strategic plan by 3 July 2018, and to prepare further strategic plans at least every three years. Each strategic plan is required to cover GRNSW’s plans for implementing its minimum standards for racecourses, its initiatives to enhance and achieve continuous improvement in greyhound welfare outcomes (including reduction in euthanasia, injury rates and achieving breeding controls which support a sustainable industry) and its plans to build industry profile, and engagement and goodwill with the community.

The initial draft was prepared with the assistance of PricewaterhouseCoopers and highlights GRNSW’s vision that the NSW greyhound racing industry is embraced as a sustainable, socially responsible, world-leading racing entertainment, with greyhound welfare and integrity as our priority. Among GRNSW’s goals are to undertake research and innovation to improve welfare outcomes, improve accountability and transparency in reporting, increase and align prize money with racing and welfare outcomes, host Australia’s largest greyhound race and to optimise the industry’s race track portfolio.

The release of this initial draft kicks off a two week engagement process to collect feedback from all of the stakeholders across greyhound racing in NSW. The initial draft of the strategic plan for stakeholder review and comment can be found on the GRNSW website.

We are now seeking comments from all stakeholders and participants and we encourage each and every person with an interest in the greyhound racing industry in NSW to carefully review the initial draft and provide GRNSW with your comments and suggested amendments.

Click here to view the 2018 Draft Strategic Plan

To provide feedback, or to ask any questions, please email strategic.plan@grnsw.com.au