Breeder Application

For any litter that is whelped after 1 July 2015, if the breeder of the litter is a NSW person, they must have a breeder's licence.
Failure to be licensed will be a breach of the Greyhound Racing Rules.

Any participant that wishes apply for a breeder's licence after 1 July 2015, will be required to complete the Breeders Education Pack successfully prior to their breeder's licence being issued.

There will initially be no fee to gain a breeder's licences, however, fees to offset costs of administration and promote considered breeding decisions will be introduced in 2016.

The Breeder’s Education Pack is an introductory guide to breeding and covers key areas such as ‘Getting Started’, ‘The Pregnancy’, ‘Whelping the Litter’ and ‘Raising the Litter’. At the end of the Education Pack, there is a short questionnaire that applicants must successfully complete.

Click here to download an application for a Breeder's Licence.

Click here to download the Breeder Education Pack.

Click here to download the questionaire.