Breed Over 3 Litters Application

From 1 July 2015, female greyhounds will not be able to breed a fourth litter or more unless they are granted approval from GRNSW.
In order to seek approval from GRNSW, owners will need to complete the Application to Breed Over Three Litters Form and submit it to GRNSW. In the form, applicants will need to complete details about their female greyhound’s breeding history.

A veterinary certificate demonstrating that a breeding female is fit and healthy to breed will also need to be provided (see form below). This veterinary certificate must be provided to GRNSW within 120 days prior to the date of the intended service.

Click here to download the prescribed Health and Fitness Veterinary Certificate Form.

Female greyhounds granted approval will be permitted one additional service or insemination regardless of the result. Another form will need to be submitted to GRNSW for approval for any additional service or insemination.

Click here to download the Application to Breed Over Three Litters Form.