Ownership Transfer

Anyone taking ownership of a named and registered greyhound, must complete the form linked above. This will transfer ownership from the existing owner into the new owner's name.

Please note that both the new owner and the previous owner must complete the relevant sections on the form.

Under the GRNSW Greyhound Racing Rules it is the responsibility of the previous owner (whether the greyhound is named or unnamed) to notify GRNSW of the change of ownership within 10 working days by lodging the relevant transfer of ownership form.

If the greyhound has a Greyhound Identification card (plastic card) as its form of identification then this can simply be passed (with the weight book) from the old owner to the new owner. They do not need to be sent to GRNSW with the transfer of ownership form.

However, if the greyhound has a Registration Certificate, then this certificate and the weight book must be sent to GRNSW with the transfer form to enable the transfer to be completed.

Click here to download the Ownership Transfer form (for named and registered greyhounds).