Changes To Grafton Noms And Non-TAB Racing

Changes To Grafton Noms And Non-TAB Racing


Due to feedback from participants and the Grafton Greyhound Club, nomination times for Grafton will change effective immediately.

Nominations for TAB meetings at Grafton on Mondays will now close at 9am on Wednesday

Nominations for Non-TAB meetings at Grafton on Saturday will now close at 9.15am on Thursday.

In announcing the change to nomination times, GRNSW has also announced that the six-dog trial that was due to take place at Lismore has now been transferred to Grafton for the full remainder of the trial.

As a result, all Non-TAB meetings at Grafton will now be restricted to six-dog fields.

The objective of the six-dog trial is to collect robust data that will assist in assessing the impact six dog racing has on reducing injury rates.

The trial was a key recommendation by the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) as a way on improving greyhound safety and welfare outcomes. UTS researchers will incorporate the analysis of the six dog trial and its impact on injuries into their ongoing research work. Race vision of each meeting will be captured and analysed as well.

The six-dog trial had initially begun at Lismore, but was transferred to Grafton in April after Lismore was temporarily closed due to flood damage.