Gosford Racing Suspension

Gosford Racing Suspension


Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) wishes to advise participants that racing at the Gosford GBOTA track will be suspended indefinitely due to increased welfare and safety concerns as a result of ongoing track legacy issues.

As a result of the increased racing at Gosford over the recent months, a legacy issue whereby previous management practices and the erosion of the track base have resulted in a significant stone matter being present within the racing profile. The stone issue and track base issues can no longer be managed appropriately.

In conjunction with the NSW GBOTA, GRNSW will look to develop a project plan and timeline whereby the Gosford GBOTA track base and track profile will be redeveloped to improve safety and welfare standards. At this time GRNSW will also look to increase the track cambers and grades.

Further information regarding project timelines will be made known to participants in due course.

The  next four meetings presently scheduled at Gosford GBOTA (Tuesday 27 February - Tuesday 20 March) will now be transferred to the Maitland GBOTA track.

Nominations for the Maitland GBOTA meeting on  27 February will close at 9.00am Friday 23 February.

For further information on changes to Maitland’s trial schedule during this period, please click here