GRNSW Consultation on Track Minimum Standards

GRNSW Consultation on Track Minimum Standards


Section 26 of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 requires GRNSW to set minimum standards with respect to racecourse design and construction. Consistent with this requirement, GRNSW has prepared a draft set of minimum standards for all tracks across NSW. GRNSW has consulted with the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) in developing these minimum standards and is currently undertaking a consultation tour with greyhound racing clubs.

Two sets of minimum standards have been prepared – one for TAB tracks and another for non-TAB tracks – which recognises that there are differences in design and construction between these tracks. The minimum safety standards expected of all tracks will continue to be the subject of ongoing review by GRNSW and will be improved where necessary as further findings regarding safety interventions become available through the UTS study. Ultimately, one set of standards will apply to all NSW tracks, reflecting the UTS findings and recommendations regarding optimal greyhound racing track design for canine safety and welfare. GRNSW will continue to work with clubs to improve the safety of all tracks and consult with the industry on any proposed updates to the standards.

In accordance with GRNSW’s commitment to effective stakeholder engagement and transparency, GRNSW invites feedback from industry participants in relation to the daft minimum standards. The draft minimum standards are available here (TAB Tracks) and here (Non-TAB Tracks). Please send any written feedback to by 5.00pm on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

This is an important initiative to reduce the risk of injuries to greyhounds and for the future sustainability of the sport. GRNSW looks forward to receiving your valuable input.