GRNSW Rejects Greens Euthanasia Claims

GRNSW Rejects Greens Euthanasia Claims


Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) today strongly rejected claims by The Greens Dr Mehreen Faruqui that a new euthanasia policy will not improve the protection of dogs.

Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov said the policy was about making euthanasia of greyhounds an absolute last resort.

“To suggest that we have a new policy which allows the euthanasia of a greyhound after two phone calls is wrong,” he said.

GRNSW’s updated greyhound euthanasia policy brings the industry’s standards into line with those provisions of the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Act which remain effective until the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission is fully operational.

“Those provisions prohibit the euthanasia of greyhounds without GRNSW’s consent and allow euthanasia to be performed in strictly limited circumstances,” Mr Mestrov said.

“Greyhound owners must explore possible appropriate options for their retiring greyhound, including at least two attempts to rehome the greyhound with the Greyhounds As Pets program and a private rehoming provider.

“Owners can also attempt to rehome their greyhounds with friends and family.”

“Even after providers have indicated they are unable to rehome a greyhound, an owner is not permitted to euthanase the greyhound without GRNSW’s consent. 

“Where there are inadequate reasons for GRNSW to provide that consent, owners remain responsible for the ongoing welfare of their greyhounds.”

Mr Mestrov said the updated new policy also provides a mechanism by which GRNSW may provide support for the kennelling and maintenance of a greyhound where consent to euthanase a greyhound is not granted.

“The type and amount of support will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include vouchers for dog food and/or funds for kennelling costs,” he said.

He said it was also incorrect to say that a participant is using a ‘loophole’ where a greyhound is deemed ‘unsuitable for rehoming’.

“Rehoming suitability assessment is performed by trained and qualified persons at the GAP program and private rehoming providers,” he said.

“That assessment is independent and outside the control of the owner, who has no influence whatsoever in that process.”

Mr Mestrov said the GRNSW was strongly committed to cutting the numbers of euthanased dogs.

“The welfare of greyhounds is our number one priority,” he said.