GRNSW Statement Patty O'Brien Social Media Conduct

GRNSW Statement Patty O'Brien Social Media Conduct


In relation to the recent social media conduct of Patty O’Brien, Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) wishes to advise that Mr. O’ Brien is not, nor has ever been, a registered participant of any controlling bodies within the Australian greyhound industry.

Mr. O’Brien’s comments are not reflective of the views and values of GRNSW and its registered participants.  The safety and welfare of greyhounds is of paramount concern for GRNSW and under no circumstances does GRNSW condone actions of animal cruelty, or discussion that encourages such actions.

With direct reference to Mr. O’Brien’s comments, GRNSW’s Code of Practice for Greyhound Euthanasia, introduced in August 2016, requires the written consent of GRNSW to be obtained by any industry participant before a greyhound is euthanased.  The Code also requires owners of racing greyhounds to explore all possible options for their retiring greyhound before considering euthanasia, including being kept as a companion animal or re-homed.  Where euthanasia is deemed necessary, it must be undertaken humanely by a veterinary practitioner.

GRNSW is determined to stamp out unnecessary euthanasia through a combination of education, recent enhancements to funding for the ‘Greyhound as Pets’ (GAP) adoption program, and rigorous and effective regulation.

GRNSW will not tolerate comments that are detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, image or promotion of greyhound racing and is considering further action that may be taken against Mr. O’Brien.