GRNSW’s New Pet Prep Seminar Announced.

GRNSW’s New Pet Prep Seminar Announced.


Learn how to race a confident & resilient greyhound ready for rehoming success with –

  • Dr Norman Blackman, Chief Veterinary Officer, GRNSW
  • Tracy Irons, Co-founder and Director at Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services (AVBS)

To book your place online, please find location below and click on the link to register:



Registration Link

Richmond Race Club

Monday 12 November

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club

Tuesday 13 November

Lismore GBOTA

Wednesday 14 November

Gosford GBOTA

Thursday 15 November


Broken Hill

Monday 26 November

Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club

Tuesday 27 November

Goulburn Greyhound Racing Club

Wednesday 28 November