New Rule – Provision of Greyhound Information

New Rule – Provision of Greyhound Information


Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) will introduce a new rule which makes it an offence for participants who fail to properly notify GRNSW about the status of a greyhound when requested. 

The new rule – LR106A – states the following:

LR106A – Provision of greyhound information 

(1) GRNSW may require a registered person to provide, within a specified time period, any information it thinks fit in relation to a greyhound. 

(2) GRNSW may suspend the registration of a person who fails to comply with sub-rule (1) until such time as GRNSW is satisfied that the person has provided the relevant information. 

(3) Any person who provides false or misleading statements in relation to any requirement under these rules, including in relation to a greyhound, commits an offence and will be suspended until compliant with the requirements of the relevant rule, unless there is a finding that a special circumstance exists. 

Under the new rule, GRNSW will continue to send out letters to participants who own greyhounds of racing age that have no recorded activity for more than six months, requesting that the participant provide a status update for the greyhound. Status updates should be provided by submitting a Notification of Retirement form or, if the greyhound has been transferred, by submitting either a named or unnamed greyhound transfer form.  

If GRNSW receives no response or an inadequate response to the first request, a second letter will be sent to the participant, asking them to show cause as to why they should not be suspended for not complying with the reporting requirements. A response to this letter will be required within two weeks.

In the event that no response is received to the show cause letter, the participant’s owner licence will be suspended by GRNSW. This will prevent any greyhound owned, either wholly or in part, by the participant from being nominated to race.

Any suspension issued, will be lifted once GRNSW is satisfied that the participant has appropriately provided the information that has been requested.

The introduction of the new rule is in-line with recommendations made by the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in NSW and the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, which both supported penalties to ensure participants provided accurate and timely information around a greyhound’s status. 

The new rule will come into effect on 1 June 2017. 

Participants are advised that the best way to avoid receiving letters is to keep GRNSW informed of the status and whereabouts of their greyhounds by submitting the required Notifications of Retirement and Transfer forms on time whenever the status or location of their greyhounds change.  

All forms can be located in the Forms section of this website.