Wagering On NSW Greyhound Racing Reaches Record Levels

Wagering On NSW Greyhound Racing Reaches Record Levels


Greyhound Racing NSW has recorded a 4.7% uplift in wagering turnover for the 2016/17 period, highlighting the increasing popularity of greyhound racing for punters and fans alike.

Turnover on NSW greyhound racing for the 12 month period totalled a record $1.314 billion, reflecting the heightened confidence the betting public has in the industry. This comes despite a 1.9% reduction in NSW TAB meetings held in the period.

Corporate bookmakers continued to drive the positive wagering performance of NSW greyhound racing by generating turnover of $568 million for the year, a huge rise of 19.2% compared to 2015/16. This resulted in corporate bookmakers holding a market share of 43.2% of wagering turnover on NSW greyhounds, a new high for this sector.

This growth has accelerated further in the new financial year, with total turnover up 28.8% and bookmaker revenue up 35.2% in July and August 2017 when compared to the prior year.

The sustained positive wagering performance is testament to the significant investment in the NSW greyhound industry made by the corporate bookmaking sector, and in particular Ladbrokes for its considerable club and race sponsorship. GRNSW looks forward to strengthening its ongoing relationship with all bookmakers in the coming period for the betterment of the NSW greyhound industry.

GRNSW would also like to thank the many thousands of responsible greyhound participants in NSW for their valuable and ongoing involvement and contribution to the industry, especially amid the extremely difficult and uncertain circumstances the industry has faced in recent times.

This strong wagering result comes at a time when GRNSW continues to prioritise its investment in animal welfare and regulatory reforms, with GRNSW under no illusion that this reform agenda needs to continue for the industry to have a sustainable future in NSW.