Wagga Wagga Post-race Fatality

Wagga Wagga Post-race Fatality


GRNSW acknowledges the sad death of greyhound Bella Bellissimo following Race 8 at Wagga Wagga on 25 May 2018. The Steward’s Report can be accessed here.


Following the race, the greyhound collapsed and was attended to by the on-track veterinarian. Unfortunately, the greyhound was pronounced dead, and is believed to have died of natural causes, having suffered a heart-attack.


The medical history of the greyhound is not known to GRNSW at this time, and GRNSW is awaiting the result of a blood sample taken from the greyhound following the race.


Whilst the information currently available to GRNSW suggests that the cause of death was natural and unavoidable, GRNSW wishes to reinforce its commitment to minimising the number of catastrophic injuries and on-track deaths.


GRNSW will review the results of the blood sample when available and consider any additional information before making any further public comments.