Notification Of Retirement

GAR106 (3) is the rule that covers owners reporting responsibilities throughout the greyhounds lifecycle.  It basically states that owners must inform GRNSW whenever their greyhounds are transferred, retired or deceased.  

It is an offence not to comply with GAR106. In order to comply it is important that all owners notify GRNSW about the status of their greyhounds by submitting the correct forms in accordance with GAR106. These forms include:

• Owners must submit a signed Notification of Retirement form within 10 working days of the date that their greyhound is retired as a pet or breeding greyhound, transferred to an adoption program, is exported or surrendered to another agency.

• Owners must submit a signed Notification of Retirement within 2 working days of when their greyhound is humanely euthanised by a vet or becomes deceased.

• Owners need to include a Veterinary Certificate with any Notifications of Retirement for greyhounds that have been humanely euthanised by a vet.

• Owners need to submit Transfer Applications, signed by all parties, within 10 working days of transferring ownership of any greyhound, named or unnamed.

It is vital that owners do not rely on anyone else to complete these forms for them as penalties will apply for non-compliance with GAR106. 

GRNSW is currently developing a policy whereby owners whose greyhounds have been inactive for more than six months will be prompted to notify GRNSW of the status of these greyhounds. More information regarding this policy will be available shortly.

If you have any questions about GAR106 compliance please contact GRNSW either by phone on 02 8767 0571 or via email at 

Click here to download a Notification of Retirement form.