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Name Inquiry Details Start Date End Date Period Penalty  
Vella. T GAR 86(b), GAR 86(g) 16/02/2018 16/02/2018 A fine of $2,000 was imposed View
Riddle. R GAR 86(b), GAR 86(g) 13/02/2018 13/05/2018 9 months disqualification with 6 months conditionally suspended. Disqualified View
Webb. S GAR 79A(4) 12/02/2018 12/10/2020 Disqualified for two years and eight months Disqualified View
Cowling. B GAR 99(3)(c), GAR 99(3)(g) 09/02/2018 21/11/2018 Disqualified for 9 months and 12 days. Further disqualification conditionally suspended. Disqualified View

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