Rehoming Assistance Schemes

Re-homing Contribution Scheme

GRNSW recently launched the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme, which aims to assist independent greyhound re-homing organisations. Under the scheme, GRNSW will contribute $350 to the veterinary costs of every re-homed greyhound that acquires Greenhounds status at any point in its life.

The scheme will apply to greyhounds re-homed since 1 July 2015 and the payment will be made to the re-homing provider’s nominated veterinary account.

GRNSW recognises the tireless work independent re-homing organisations undertake to secure a successful retirement for large numbers of racing greyhounds and bear significant costs in doing so.

The intent of the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme is to assist these re-homing organisations and help them continue to undertake the tremendous work they currently do.

To claim a contribution, an application for each eligible greyhound must be submitted by completing the Application For GRNSW Greyhound Rehoming Contribution Scheme.

Click here to download the application form. 

Forms may be submitted via email or post to the following address:

Re-homing Contribution Scheme
Greyhound Racing NSW
PO Box 170
Concord West NSW 2138 

For further information on the Greenhounds program please visit the website

Re-homing Grant Scheme

GRNSW has also recently launched the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme to support the tremendous work independent re-homing organisations do to find new homes for retired greyhounds.

Under the scheme, eligible organisations have the opportunity to apply for up to $10 000 towards the cost of an item or service that directly benefits their re-homing activities. Grants will be assessed and awarded tri-annually at the end of February, June and October.

Examples of items which are potentially eligible for a grant contribution under the scheme include dog trailers, a veterinary account as well as kennel renovations and/or extensions.

The introduction of the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme is in addition to the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme, which was introduced in 2015. 

Organisations wishing to apply for a grant under the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme should fill out the application form and email it to by 5pm on the the following dates:

- 20 February (extended to 1 March 2016);
- 20 June; or
- 20 October.

Click here to download the application form.

Owners Incentive Scheme 

GRNSW registered owners of greyhounds are being encouraged to take advantage of the GRNSW Owners’ Incentive Scheme.

The scheme has been introduced by GRNSW to encourage participants who would like to keep their greyhounds as pets once their racing careers are over to have them veterinary checked and neutered. 

Under the scheme, GRNSW registered owners who retire a greyhound and intend to keep their greyhound as a pet, can pay $50 to enter their greyhound into the scheme if the greyhound has a current C5 Vaccination.  

Eligible greyhounds receive a behavioural assessment at a GAP assessment session and undergo a physical examination, desexing procedure and a dental care procedure (if required) at a GRNSW selected veterinary surgery prior to being returned to the owner at no additional cost. The greyhound is also registered as a companion animal with lifetime registration. Prior to and following the health procedures (i.e. desexing and dental care), the greyhound is kennelled at GRNSW  kennel facilities.

Owners wishing to utilise the scheme are encouraged to book their greyhound in to the next available session by calling 1800 696 377 (freecall).