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Racing To Resume At Coonamble

23rd August 2017 GRNSW News

Greyhound Racing NSW has granted approval to the Coonamble Greyhound Racing Club to resume trialling and racing after the finalisation of track upgrades and safety improvements.

Vet Alert - Kennel Cough

9th August 2017 Welfare News

Greyhound Racing NSW would like to alert industry participants about a number of new cases of kennel cough in NSW that have been reported in recent weeks.

Decision - Richard Vrckoff

22nd August 2017 Regulatory News

Greyhound Racing NSW has issued its decision in relation to an inquiry into registered trainer Mr Richard Vrckoff.

Greyhounds as pets

Greyhounds As Pets is a GRNSW program which aims to re-home retired greyhounds and promote the greyhound breed. Visit Website

Greyhound welfare

Do you have information relating to misconduct within the NSW greyhound racing industry. Contact the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Hotline. Visit Website is Australia’s leading website for greyhound form, tips, news and updates. Visit Website