TAB A and B Meetings 

Nominations for TAB A and B meetings can be made online here or via fax on (02) 8580 5301 and close at the time set by GRNSW. Limited phone nominations are taken between 8-9am on weekdays only.

Non-TAB and TAB C Meetings

Nominations for all Non-TAB and TAB C meetings must be made online here or via fax on (02) 8580 5301 and close at the time set by GRNSW. No phone nominations are taken for Non-TAB or TAB C meetings.

Online nominations can be made by clicking here.

Nomination Form

To download a copy of GRNSW’s Nomination form that can be used at both TAB and Non-TAB meetings, click here.   

Closing Times and Grading Order

This page contains important information on Nomination Closing Times for TAB and Non-TAB meetings along with the order that meetings will be graded in so that preferences can be maximised.

Please note that closing times for nominations are subject to change from time to time. Closing times for nominations for all race meetings can be found under the “Calendar” section of the website.

NSW TAB Nomination Closing Times & Grading Order 
Track Nom Closing Time GRNSW Category Race Day Slot 
Wentworth Park Monday9am A2 Wednesday Night 
Dapto Monday 9am B Thursday Night 
Maitland Monday 9am B Thursday Twilight 
Wagga Monday 9am C Friday Night 
Casino Monday 9am B Friday Day 
Dubbo Monday 9am C Thursday Day 
Wentworth Park Tuesday 9am A1 Saturday Night 
Richmond Tuesday 9am B/C Saturday Night 
The Gardens Tuesday 9am B Friday Twilight 
Bulli Tuesday 9am B Friday Night 
The Gardens Tuesday 9am C Saturday Twilight 
Grafton Wednesday 9am C Monday Night 
Bathurst Wednesday 9am B/C Monday Twilight 
Nowra Wednesday 9am B/C Monday Day 
Canberra Wednesday 9am C Sunday Twilight 
Gosford Thursday 9am B Tuesday Night 
Lismore Thursday 9am B Tuesday Night 
Goulburn Thursday 9am C Tuesday Day 
Richmond Friday 9am B/C Wednesday Twilight 

Important Notes:

1) The above is the order in which race meetings will be graded in a 'normal' week by the GRNSW Grading Department. (Exceptions due to Public Holidays or other circumstances will occur from time to time.)

2) GRNSW reserves the right to alter the above order if nominations for any particular meeting need to be extended.

3) The OzChase system will accept six (6) preferences (formerly known as 'rollovers') on any nomination form. Trainers should ensure that alternative preferences (rollovers) are for meetings that will be graded after the higher preference. If the preference order does not align with the grading order above, the nomination may not be considered.

4) Nomination forms may include TAB and Non-TAB meetings in the preference list. Please also see the Non-TAB Nomination Closing Times & Grading Details below to check when Non-TAB meetings will be graded.

5) It is possible to 'rollover' from a TAB meeting to a Non-TAB meeting, but NOT the other way. Non-TAB meetings should therefore be the last preferences listed on a nomination form.

6) Once a run is secured (either as a runner or reserve) the nomination is no longer valid and any later preferences will not be considered.

NSW Non-TAB Nomination Closing Times & Grading Details

TrackNom Closing DayTimeGRNSW CategoryGrading Details
Broken HillMonday9.15amDThese meetings will be graded
CoonabarabranMonday9.15amDon Monday afternoons following
CoonambleMonday9.15amDthe grading of TAB meetings
MoreeMonday9.15amDclosing Monday.
ArmidaleTuesday9.15amDThese meetings will be graded
GunnedahTuesday9.15amDon Tuesday afternoons following
TamworthTuesday9.15amDthe grading of TAB meetings
MudgeeTuesday9.15amDclosing Tuesday.

These meetings will be graded 

Potts ParkTuesday11.55pmDon Wednesday mornings. No rollovers
Tweed HeadsTuesday11.55pmDfrom TAB meetings closing Wednesday are possible.
CowraWednesday9.15amDThese meetings will be graded
YoungWednesday9.15amDon Wednesday afternoons following
KempseyWednesday9.15amDthe grading of TAB meetings
TareeWednesday9.15amDclosing Wednesday.